The first time

Sitting erect in classA tiny ball chappedMoving to and fro A galling fluid started egressingWith a pungent reekSullied my skirt andUrged me to loo Drop by drop dribbled along my thigh to kneeA voice screamed in my mindOh no! from which whole is it coming from? Cancer? No!Some unpronounceable disease? No! I officially became a…

The bun in my oven..

Snuggling on the floor with remote, I changed the channel benumbed ..anticipating his arrival from office. Ting Tong !! the bell hollered.. Hupp…! placing my mitt abruptly on my stomach I soothed it. Yes, the squalling sound might have commoved a peaceful sleep.I faltered to get up placing my paw on the floor..Ufffooo.. taking a…

Hoye Bitch..

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Those harrowing days in a month..

Sometimes it’s regular as clock.. Sometimes I await like a school kid eagerly anticipating for the last bell.. Deferment of its busting haunts me.. It induced to conceive of having a bun in my oven.. Once it detonates,.. my legs fatigue.. my hip hollor for rest.. my bosom tumefy with pain.. Snubbing all these, my…


  Petting behind me.. He clenched my hands and rived it towards back and started torquing it.. My tears bedewed my toes.. though he was obdurately tormenting me.. The breaking sound of my hand’s vena and bone totted rhythm to my tears.. “aaahhhh Please” my importuning voice made my In-Laws to enquire my man.. A formal talk between husband and wife he lied gandering at me..where I was coerced to nod him .. # Women -A modern slave# ( not in all cases )