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Cold heart..

They japed at my scars I covered my face They poked my bleeding wounds I stopped opening up Like a tortoise receding it’s head inside the shell I shielded myself Let none in..No matter how hard they knock.. Finally I stopped expecting They called me Dangerous! Because they can’t hurt me anymore. Copyright © Optimistic…

Men ..

Originally posted on Optimistic Soul:
? The 2 second glint by his captivating eyes leached my heart and thawed my femininity even before his little finger touched me.. # Not every man are bad, they deserve to be respected .. #Drudging in raising voice for women..the respect on men is dwindling day by day.. #Everyone…

The Awesome Impact Award🏆

Hey everyone..! I’m on cloud nine because of “THE AWESOME IMPACT AWARD”. I seriously didn’t expect such a heart warming response from you people ❤ It is not even my “THIRD DAY” in wordpress, approximately just 2.5 days 🙂 Thank you so much for your love you shower on me ! The Rendezvous Club ….

Family <3

Value of a few things will be agnized only when it is lost or unatainable.. There are people who longs for life which we are regretting to live.. It’s not always about those sumptuous cars or the bank balances. Those are ephemeral. 🙂 Here is the quote about a small orphan girl’s dream .. </3…