It’s been a year 😍

Oye Hoye! Nah don’t scroll, you gotta read this story because it’s my blog anniversary today. Khammon let’s party ! 🎊 So, here we go.. August 6/2018 Exam results are out and I’m out as expected. Holding a hopeless future, a few drops egressed from corner of my eyelid. They say “hungry stomach and an…

Love is in the air

Poets are not hankeringto paint the paper black We try to touch the pinkish RoseBut what you see Is the thorn ripping our skin apart. You can espy us standing still unheard Amidst a thousands of voices around usBut what we heed is to the silence in chaos They say ,Love is in airMaybe that’s because we’re struggling hard to breathe….

Perfectly imperfect

The screeching sound of the rusting door, Is the old enviable memories. Yet I see the opening door. Getting squeezed in a thronged train And losing my ring, I am stumbling to look down and search for it Neither to blame someone. Where I’m obligated to get down perplexed. The few seconds of rain bedeweding…

A Broken glass

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The bun in my oven..

Snuggling on the floor with remote, I changed the channel benumbed ..anticipating his arrival from office. Ting Tong !! the bell hollered.. Hupp…! placing my mitt abruptly on my stomach I soothed it. Yes, the squalling sound might have commoved a peaceful sleep.I faltered to get up placing my paw on the floor..Ufffooo.. taking a…