The first time

Sitting erect in classA tiny ball chappedMoving to and fro A galling fluid started egressingWith a pungent reekSullied my skirt andUrged me to loo Drop by drop dribbled along my thigh to kneeA voice screamed in my mindOh no! from which whole is it coming from? Cancer? No!Some unpronounceable disease? No! I officially became a…

Ink and me

PC-GoogleEdited by- Naren 🙂 My pen started bleeding blueIt stained the paperJust like a hand Which starts searching for the candle in darknessI tried to touch the rusted memories Garnering all my courage A few words slopped from my nibAnd a few from my eyesThe egressed drops bedewed the paperIt smudged allover The ink and the tears blemished Yes,…

The two hearts..

OS:The rainbow which I tried to hitchAnd tinct on my cheek started belittling. Sushma:Words gulped poison of silence And feelings widowed Dreams without desire and willingness Ocean without waves and tidesEyes stopped over at emptinessSun rays died in it’s own sky OS:The undulating river knows thatthe train above the bridge passes Though it shudders and changes it’s path sometimes….


Image: Lighter it feltCarrying all day in my handI played, placing on my lap as a neonate I pared my nails which I love painting colorful everydayGuitarThe only happiness in my life, nothing else I hankered for One dark night,Holding the fretboard firmly on my mittI grazed the strings softly with my fingers..A string…

Smoking đźš­

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