Smoking 🚭

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The kite..

Her eensy-weensy fingers folded the paper into a triangle, but she adverted it as a kite. Yes, imperfections are endearing especially when it’s is done by tikes. “Boooom….” a sound blared. Squinting her eyes, she sat down abruptly by closing her ears. “Hahaha.. it’s just a cracker” , I japed taking her into my arms….

I’m Okay ..

My Mom’s love vibrated my phone even before the sun rays  winkling my face .. Okay ! Okay ! Okay ! Stop averring it again and again that I’ve to houseclean ..I’ll do it anyways.. disconnected the call exasperatedly. Yes she always wanted an idyllic daughter but unfortunately I happened.. Left my bed lamentably and…

Busted Promises ..

  It’s shuddery to sail, Should we go for it? she oppugned him dreadly. It wont be scary when I’m with you, he grinned. What if I fell into the hands of storm? she freaked out ! “Oh..! baby.. I know swimming..” he gruntled her. She sat taciturnly next to him.. Clasping her hand he…

Betrayal ..

It is not sad when I get betrayed.. But everytime I lose a flake of my innocence which can’t be retained!