Perfectly imperfect

The screeching sound of the rusting door, Is the old enviable memories. Yet I see the opening door. Getting squeezed in a thronged train And losing my ring, I am stumbling to look down and search for it Neither to blame someone. Where I’m obligated to get down perplexed. The few seconds of rain bedeweding…

Pond and moon

Probing for the moonIn an open pond My face appeared on the stagnant waterA breezy wind made the flowersfrom the nearby tree fall down dancing The rustling leaves fell on the pondTrembling my reflection on water abruptlyThe face on the pond whirledAnd the image disappeared twiddling Choler aroused with anxietyI stood up to tromp the…

The two hearts..

OS:The rainbow which I tried to hitchAnd tinct on my cheek started belittling. Sushma:Words gulped poison of silence And feelings widowed Dreams without desire and willingness Ocean without waves and tidesEyes stopped over at emptinessSun rays died in it’s own sky OS:The undulating river knows thatthe train above the bridge passes Though it shudders and changes it’s path sometimes….


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The moon and my man!

Eyes gazing at the sea..My heart ablazed when his sandy foot touched mine..The breezy drizzle added rhythm to the choppy waves..A rogue wave bedewed the whole meLeaving the busted shells all-over me..Tears egressing from the corner of the eyelid I looked at him.. “Broken conches never hum the song of the sea” said with his…