The bun in my oven..

Snuggling on the floor with remote, I changed the channel benumbed ..anticipating his arrival from office. Ting Tong !! the bell hollered.. Hupp…! placing my mitt abruptly on my stomach I soothed it. Yes, the squalling sound might have commoved a peaceful sleep.I faltered to get up placing my paw on the floor..Ufffooo.. taking a…

The kite..

Her eensy-weensy fingers folded the paper into a triangle, but she adverted it as a kite. Yes, imperfections are endearing especially when it’s is done by tikes. “Boooom….” a sound blared. Squinting her eyes, she sat down abruptly by closing her ears. “Hahaha.. it’s just a cracker” , I japed taking her into my arms….


❤ The rustling leaves bestowed lulu to the breezy evening.. My hair danced to and fro by heeding to the unuttered stories of zephyr.. Cuckoo..Cuckoo.. she sang concealing inside a bombastic tree.. The deciduous leaves are drifting to unknown places  and new leaves are supplanting them slowly..The clouds suddenly turned grey and played by hitting…


Some torn pages of your life should be burnt before getting into someone’s hand.. Because who knows, zephyr may gift it to a demon for your surprise ! -OS

I’m Okay ..

My Mom’s love vibrated my phone even before the sun rays  winkling my face .. Okay ! Okay ! Okay ! Stop averring it again and again that I’ve to houseclean ..I’ll do it anyways.. disconnected the call exasperatedly. Yes she always wanted an idyllic daughter but unfortunately I happened.. Left my bed lamentably and…