Ever since he started walking I begun scarpering behind him to fill his tum Sometimes by showing the moon, Sometimes the stars, Often I become my own droll until he belch But today Nothing worked out to stop his hollo, defying to eat a bit. A small girl with lacerated skirt walked towards me grinning…


“Why do you hate me?” Just because I am a fugly caterpillar?That you cannot embrace and play with me? I wish I’m one among you!Tears sloughing I slumbered on a leafWhich adapted my presence As the Sun kissed meI gawked at my tiny golden wings Attached across my body..I couldn’t see how beautiful it was…

The two hearts..

OS:The rainbow which I tried to hitchAnd tinct on my cheek started belittling. Sushma:Words gulped poison of silence And feelings widowed Dreams without desire and willingness Ocean without waves and tidesEyes stopped over at emptinessSun rays died in it’s own sky OS:The undulating river knows thatthe train above the bridge passes Though it shudders and changes it’s path sometimes….


Image: Lighter it feltCarrying all day in my handI played, placing on my lap as a neonate I pared my nails which I love painting colorful everydayGuitarThe only happiness in my life, nothing else I hankered for One dark night,Holding the fretboard firmly on my mittI grazed the strings softly with my fingers..A string…


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