I’m not ashamed

PC: Unsplash

The sky turned grey
the moment I met him
Drop by drop
rain touched my cheek and chin
before his pale lips grazed mine
No, I’m not ashamed
For not hoarding it in my palm
and letting it reach till my waist.

To stand absent-minded for hours
under a metal pipe
which spews from my head to toe
Where a thousands of legs
stand in a queue to wet their throat
No, I’m not ashamed of it

I dissipate lakhs of liters on ground
and sip in a plastic bottle cheering

No, I’m not ashamed of it

Maybe, I forgot that
It was my first world
before popping out of my mom’s hole
No, I’m not ashamed of it

I ain’t a phoenix
to get back to life from ash
I’m obligated to bow my head
to your foot on ganga
amidst floating plastic dispenses
and dead bodies

Maybe, by that time I might agnize
“What have I done to you!”

Before running out
let me take a hand full
and save on my womb.

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  1. Samyak Singh says:

    Certainly dumbstruck there with the crisis in Chennai as it’s going on all over the world yet it needs these words to arouse everyone out to make a change. Hope we are done goofing around lurking behind the scenes!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, absolutely
      We’re still struggling in managing water resources. Hope people take steps to resolve this asap.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ❤️
      Good day ahead 🙂


      1. Samyak Singh says:

        Carry on with your gritty words which can stir people to take steps immediately. Well done!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous – the situation is indeed very grave and you captured it so well


  3. I think this is great poetry and you are using great images for heightening expression. A really good read 🙂


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